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Our seminars are designed to inform and educate on a wide variety of topics. Below you'll find a list of our latest live seminars to register for. Plus access to recordings of our "Managing Future Risk" seminars.

All our seminars qualify for accredited CPD.

Upcoming Seminars

PruFund Planet - a world of good

Thursday 12 August 2021

10am - 11.30am (1 hour session followed by 30 minutes Q&A)

Join this seminar to hear about the exciting introduction of our new PruFund Planet fund range into the wider PruFund universe on Retirement Account.

Hosting the seminar will be Vince Smith-Hughes – Director, Specialist Business, and he’ll be joined by four of our investment experts – Cat McInally, Investment Business Development Manager, Ben Hamilton and Olivia Trevor - Investment Manager Oversight Analysts and Michael Watt, Investment Director.

The panel will discuss what makes PruFund Planet different to other Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)-friendly funds available in the market and how the wider ESG market is developing. This will include the practicalities of helping clients decide what may be appropriate for them, whilst also providing a robust suitability process with ESG embedded within it to complement clients’ other goals and objectives. 

We’ll also talk about the investment ‘building blocks’ of PruFund Planet and the part it plays in the wider PruFund universe.

Following the seminar, we’ll provide attendees with a Certificate of Attendance.

Seminar recordings

Onshore... Offshore - you decide!

6 July 2021

Onshore or Offshore? It's an age old question when it comes to insurance bonds.

On this seminar, Les "Offshore" Cameron, Head of Technical and Graeme "Onshore" Robb, Senior Technical Manager, looked at the different tax and advice issues with onshore and offshore bonds.

Having covered the issues, Vince "I'm neutral" Smith-Hughes, Director of Specialist Business Support introduced an individual, company and trustee client and asked the audience to decide onshore or offshore. Les and Graeme then explained why they should get the business. Will you change your mind and what will win - on or off? 

Learning Outcome - to understand:

  • The respective merits and tax treatment of both Onshore and Offshore bonds with respect to individuals, trustees and corporates.

Watch the recording and gain 60 minutes structured CPD.

Previewing the review for clients in SIPP drawdown

9 June 2021

With the introduction of pension preedoms and with it, the rising demand for DB transfers and DC consolidation, the last five years has seen low-cost SIPPs become even more popular with investors and advisers. The attraction of wider investment choice combined with increased flexibility has helped drive this demand, but with it a more complex advice process. With the recent market volatility, future uncertainty and changing client circumstances - couple with ever changing regulation - it's time to simplify advice for retiring and retired individuals. 

On this seminar we've team up with Brewin Dolphin and XPS Self Invested Pensions, and looked at what advisers should be considering when conducting client income drawdown reviews - challenging the thought process on three critical questions of a review: Is it still meeting the client's objectives and needs; Is the income still sustainable; Is the investment still suitable? We also explored different investment techniques, products available and share best practice from the recent FCA finalised guidance on DB transfer, and what it could mean for drawdown advice.

Learning Outcomes - to understand: 

  • Blending investment strategies for drawdown 
  • Drawdown reviews
  • The lessons we can learn from the FCA DB guidance for drawdown advice
  • Whether it's worth taking investment risk if close to or at the LTA?

Watch the recording and gain 60 minutes structured CPD.

Understanding the Investment Paradox

20 May 2021

As many places in the world still deal with the pandemic we also see exuberant stock markets. So how should investors confront how to play a post-coronavirus recovery?

On this seminar, you'll have heard about our asset allocation outlook for 2021 and our views on the key themes across Fixed Income, Equities and Property to try to identify where the likely investment winners and losers will be going forward.

Learning outcomes - to understand:

  • The possible drivers and structural shifts to consider when asset allocating and where we're allocating in the 2021 Strategic Asset Allocation 
  • Where the value is in Fixed Income markets while rates and yields remain so low and whether the flood of support from governments and central banks could stoke inflation from consumers
  • What next for Commercial Property, where do we see threats and opportunities within this asset class
  • Where the opportunities in equity markets are and what the main drivers for diversification in equity allocations are

Watch the recording and gain 150 minutes structured CPD.

The Future of Pensions Advice: Part 1 – ‘Definitive breakdown of the final Defined Benefit Rules’

In this seminar, Mark Devlin, our Senior Technical Manager for Pensions, talked about the final piece of the Defined Benefit (DB) advice jigsaw - the Finalised Guidance paper FG21/3 - and how M&G are responding to this guidance after its release on 31 March. 

The paper is essential to understanding the FCA's expectations and rules for advising clients on giving up safeguarded benefits. Mark walked through the DB journey since pensions freedoms landed, and highlighted what the regulator expects to see on files to back up all recommendations for safeguarded benefit transfers and conversions. 

As a slight spoiler, this will qualify for the specific CPD requirements for Pension Transfer Specialist (PTS) (more in the presentation), although you don't need to be a PTS to attend to gain the usual CPD too.

Learning outcome - to understand: 

  • The FCA's requirements on DB transfer advice encompassing the latest publication of finalised guidance FG21'3 advising on pension transfers

Watch the recording and gain 60 minutes structured CPD.

The Future of Pensions Advice: Part 2 – ‘Drawdown – have we learned the lessons?’

The FCA’s finalised guidance on DB transfers has a direct impact on retirement advice and centralised retirement propositions. In this seminar Andrew Nash, Pensions Business Development Manager at Prudential, discussed that impact and how to ensure best practice is applied in income drawdown situations.

Andrew also talked about cashflow modelling stress testing, and methods for assessing both predictability and sustainability of drawdown planning.

Learning outcomes - to understand: 

  • How FCA guidance on DB can influence your overall retirement advice process
  • Considerations for stress testing income drawdown
  • Assessing predictability and sustainability in drawdown planning

Watch the recording and gain 60 minutes structured CPD.

The Future of Pensions Advice: Part 3 – ‘Tax Relief, Annual Allowance and a pair of pension tax tools’

Pension planning is nothing without knowing the tax implications of the advice, which can involve a lot of complex calculations.

In Part 3 of this seminar series, Neil MacLeod from our Technical team outlined the theory of two of our most-used pension tools and demonstrated how to use them to produce the right outcomes for your clients.

Learning outcomes - to understand: 

  • How tax relief is given for pension contributions
  • The annual allowance rules
  • How our tools and calculators can help your clients understand the benefits of pension tax planning

Watch the recording and gain 60 minutes structured CPD.

State of the nation – Politics, Tax, Economy & Investment

Thursday 4 February

Politics, tax, the economy and investment are inextricably linked. Individually and collectively they can have a big impact on UK financial planning.

  • Politics plays a key part in tax policy and the economy. What is the current political climate? How will the national debt be dealt with? Where has Brexit taken us?
  • What changes could we see to the tax landscape?
  • And the $64,000 question - what does this mean for investments? 

As we move into 2021, Vince Smith-Hughes, Director of Specialist Business Support; Les Cameron, Head of Technical, Michael Collins, Director of Government Affairs and Mark Riggall, Head of Client Portfolio Management, took stock of the current state of the financial planning nation and pondered where we are and where we're going.

Watch the recording and gain 45 minutes structured CPD.


Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and M&G

Thursday 11 February

Cat McInally, Business Development Manager and Mark Riggall, Head of Client Portfolio Management discussed the phenomena of ESG and how it's set to change the face of investment advice in the UK. In particular they looked at what is means for M&G plc, and the ESG oversight that's applied to Prudential's funds. In addition they looked at what practical steps advisers can take now, and how to embed ESG in their new client on-boarding process and also their client reviews.

Watch the recording and gain 45 minutes structured CPD.

Later Life Planning

Thursday 18 February

With the population of the UK ‘getting older’ and indeed the most elderly cohort being the fastest growing segment – advisers have a new set of challenges when prioritising the needs and wants of these clients. With later life planning now more pressing, we looked at some of the issues these clients may face. In particular, how do you ensure clients have enough capital to last them until the end of their lives while balancing their desire to leave assets to the next generation rather than the tax man in the form of Inheritance Tax (IHT)? This can be a tricky balancing act especially should these clients require long term care bringing their assets into consideration from local authority assessments. In addition, what if you don’t want to leave your wealth to the next generation, or to be more specific, certain family members? It’s a situation most will have encountered in their dealings with clients which can lead to awkward conversations.

In this session we had an in depth look at some planning points we need to be aware of when dealing with later life planning, such as the role and responsibilities of attorneys , gifting and the treatment of different types of assets for financial assessment. We also covered off some planning points and things to consider when dealing with some of the more awkward family situations.

Watch the recording and gain 45 minutes structured CPD. 

Review of 2020, outlook for rest of 2021

Thursday 4 March

Paul Fidell, Senior Business Development Manager looked at the recent performance and Expected Growth Rates (EGRs) on the PruFund range from Prudential and also the 2021 Bonus Declaration. M&G Treasury and Investment Office also provided a market update and considered the impact of 2020 and the prospects going forward. 

Watch the recording and gain 45 minutes structured CPD. 

Exceptional Planning in extraordinary times

Thursday 11 March

Colin Simmons, Business Development Manager looked at ways to future proof your business as we make the transition towards a post Covid future. He looked at what the opportunities are when considering how we provide clients with better outcomes in relation to how their financial situation was effected by Covid. 

He considered how a pension can be used to provide exceptional planning opportunities for the different generations in these extraordinary times. How tax relief can be maximised whether a client has been a winner or sadly a loser from the pandemic, with a focus on some intergenerational planning ideas for your business and their futures. 

Return of the Consumer

Thursday 18 March

2021 – how do we move on from the year that never happened? 2020 – the year that never happened, or perhaps one we could like to forget? We saw economic activity dry up in 2020 with fewer consumers buying and few companies investing. However your choose to remember it (or not), it had a dramatic effect on the global economy and no doubt will have a lingering effect in 2021.

On this session, Cat McInally and Kirsty Anderson, Business Development Managers covered off the main investment themes for 2021. In particular they focused on the theme of inflation and the potential outcomes. There are two main trains of through around inflation for 2021. One camp will tell you inflation is dead, while others are increasingly vocal about how they believe inflation is set to return. They discussed both sides of the argument and what this may mean moving forward for your client’s portfolios, their retirement income planning and other tax wrapper advice issues.

Watch the recording and gain 45 minutes structured CPD.

Trust in the Future

Thursday 25 March

In this session Graeme Robb, one of our Senior Technical Managers explored the Trust Registration Service (TRS) and considered how it's been shaped by not one, but two Money Laundering Directives (4MLD & 5MLD). He analysed which trusts are included and which are exempt and explained what information is required, who is responsible and when. This session is vital to assist advisers when interacting with trustees.

Watch the recording and gain 45 minutes structured CPD.



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