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Intergenerational planning for financial advisers

Intergenerational planning for financial advisers

Insight, expertise and practical solutions from Prudential, to support forward-thinking advisers in extending their expertise and value across more generations of a family. 


The growing opportunity for advisers

Intergenerational planning has, in recent years, become an increasingly important driver within mainstream financial planning. Driven by shifts in tax, legislation and the accumulation of wealth, advisers have been providing a holistic financial advice service to entire families, ensuring that wealth is protected and opportunities for growth are optimised from one generation to the next.



The sum expected to be passed to the next generation in the UK 2020-2047*


The number of UK deaths resulting in an inheritance charge bill in latest HMRC data**


The average UK IHT tax bill, with many families neglecting financial planning*** 


The scale of consumer IHT receipts in 2019/20****


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Research that enables your to have more informed intergenerational planning conversations


The value of Intergenerational planning

This short video introduces what Intergenerational Planning is and how it could help your clients get their money to the right place. 

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Intergenerational briefing

The latest news on financial products, regulatory briefings, expert market commentary and research to ensure you’re up to date with new thinking and developments.


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