PruAdviser on-line services will be unavailable from 20:00 on Saturday 17 April until 12:30 on Sunday 18 April for website maintenance.

Service updates for Prudential ISA

Online ISA service is available to support you in these uncertain times

As the Covid-19 situation evolves, we are committed to supporting you and your clients. Our recently launched online ISA service is the quickest and easiest way to have visibility and control of your client’s investments. See all the features and benefits here.

We’ve seen a large increase in the number of calls we’re receiving to our helpdesk teams and you may experience some delays but remember our new online service can be used for new applications, tops-up and withdrawals requests, as well as 24/7 ability to view all your client records, real time case tracking and do bulk valuations.

Latest update - operational and process changes

Due to the ever changing situation concerning the Covid-19 pandemic, Link Financial Investments (LFI) are making a number of changes to processes, with immediate effect to ensure we can continue to serve you and your clients.

If you have any queries, you can contact us on 0344 335 8936 (open from 8:30am-5:30pm, Monday - Friday, excluding Bank Holidays) or email your enquiry to

Key things you need to know:

  • Use the online service for new applications, top ups and withdrawals
  • You can request fund switches by email
  • Signed transfer authority forms can be scanned or photographed and emailed
  • All payments to customers will be made electronically
  • LFI will support scanned and emailed instructions where possible.

You will be encouraged to submit instructions via the Prudential ISA Online service. Everything you can do online is detailed in the ‘What can be done online section’ below.

Where an instruction is not currently supported by the Prudential ISA Online service, submission can be made by electronic copy. In addition, due diligence documentation can also be provided by electronic copy rather than in original form.

  • Email instructions should take the form of an electronic image which includes the client’s signature.
  • LFI expects this to commonly be a written instruction signed by the client, scanned or photographed and sent to LFI by email.

The email address you should send the instruction to is:

The telephone number for verbal instructions is: 0344 335 8936.

Please read the information below to find out what will be accepted by LFI for each process.

Payments in

Cheque payments

  • LFI is not recommending cheque payments at this time owing to difficulties with delivery and banking.

Debit card and bank transfer

  • Advisers that are registered for the online service can facilitate payments by bank transfer or Visa debit card.

Payments out

Cheque payments

LFI will normally make client payment by cheque where no verified bank details are held. LFI operational teams are now homebased so cheque payments will no longer be issued. All client payments will now be made electronically. This will impact the following:

  • Money out - full and partial redemptions
  • Cancellation rights

All payments to investors will be made electronically until further notice.

Client bank details – advisers using online service

Changes to bank details can still be made by advisers online using Prudential ISA online.

ISA Transfer in to Prudential ISA

  • A transfer request should be processed using the online system which will generate a transfer authority form.
  • LFI will now be accepting an email copy of the signed transfer authority form.
  • It should be noted that the ceding plan manager may reject the transfer authority upon receipt as they may require sight of the original to complete the ISA transfer.

Fund switch requests

  • A switch instruction can be submitted directly by the adviser without requiring a signature from your client.

Transactions referred to above should still be submitted by completion of the appropriate LFI servicing form, to ensure all required information has been provided and minimise outbound contact for further clarification.

Additional information

For customers who contact LFI direct then the following processes are in place:

Due Diligence Documentation

  • LFI will seek to electronically verify the identity and bank account details of the client wherever possible.
  • Where sight of documentation to verify a client’s identity and address or bank details is required, an electronic image will be accepted. Should the provided documentation be a photo ID, a photograph of the client must also be included. Note owing to poor image quality these types of documents cannot be accepted by fax.

Client bank details – customers contacting LFI directly

  • Where LFI already holds bank details on file these will be used to make all client payments. A request to make a client payment to an alternative bank account will be rejected.
  • Where the client no longer has access to the bank account details held on file, or no bank details are held and they wish to redeem new bank details will be accepted.
  • Bank details must be provided via electronic copy and should take the form of an electronic image which includes the client’s signature.
  • LFI will seek to electronically authenticate the bank details as belonging to the client. If this authentication fails a request will be made for sight of bank details verification. This could be a scan or photograph copy of a bank statement/cheque or an attached online statement.

Change of Address requests

  • LFI will allow the investor to confirm the new address verbally over the telephone. Security questions will be used to verify the identity of the caller, and where the caller is unable to complete security questions, LFI will reject the instruction.

In exceptional circumstances where the client is unable to provide an electronic image of their signed instruction, LFI will accept their instruction verbally over the telephone. Security questions will be used to verify the identity of the caller, and where the caller is unable to complete security questions, LFI will reject the instruction.

Paper applications

Paper applications for Prudential ISA will no longer be accepted from you, for new applications, servicing and tops ups. You should now submit instructions via the Prudential ISA Online service

As mentioned any service currently not available online will be supported via scanned forms and email.

OEIC fund requests

LFI will accepted a scanned application form for OEICS fund requests (held outside the ISA).

Accessing the online service

You can access the system here. Just use your current login details.

If you've forgotten your login details or if they've expired then contact Customer Services at Link on 0344 335 8936 (option 1, then 1 again).

Need login details?

If you’re not yet registered for the new online service then all you need to do is email your 5 digit agency ID to Please remember that you’ll have to confirm your client’s email address in order to be set up and carry out transactions on your client’s ISA.

What can be done online?

Here's a reminder of all the new business and servicing actions you can do online. 

New ISA client

  • Set up an ISA for a new client


  • Start a regular
  • Add a single
  • Add a transfer


  • Request a one-off partial or full withdrawal
  • Start a regular withdrawal (if no regular contribution is in payment)
  • Amend an existing regular withdrawal

Ongoing adviser charge

  • Add an ongoing adviser charge
  • Amend an existing ongoing adviser charge

Client’s personal details

  • Update your client’s email address
  • Update your client’s bank details

Market Updates and Covid-19 Response

We understand that both you and your clients are facing into unprecedented challenges like never before. Our new hub provides guidance and information to support you through this difficult time.

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